The Park has numerous on going activities. There are shuffleboard courts, a library and a large modern recreation hall with kitchen facilities. The park has lots of open spaces with benches many of them beside Sarasota Bay. There is always something happening!

Activities include:

Shuffleboard: pickup games, tournaments & lessons

Golf: Every Thursday PM in Bradenton

Bingo: Every Tuesday in the Recreation Hall

Poker Club: Weekly in the Library

Bridge Club: Weekly in the Recreation Hall

Coffee Club: Every Tuesday in the Hall

Ladies Club: meets weekly

Beautification Committee: On-going park beautification projects

Aerobic Classes:  Monday and Wednesday at the waterfront

Walking: Every Friday outside Sandpiper

Dances: Valentineís, New Years Etc

Bible Study: Weekly in the Recreation Hall

Fishing: anytime from Bay or the Beach

Relaxing: Numerous park benches where you can sit and watch the boats go by or the fish jump


Other Events

Penny Sale

Park street sale

Strawberry Festival

Pancake Breakfasts (Shuffleboard Club)

Spaghetti Supper (Womenís Club)